Day’s Verse:
Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.
Hebrews 13:2

Yesterday evening – not my best time, as you can imagine – a small bearded man with an unidentifiable accent rang the doorbell. Seeing me, he asked if my parents were home (normal response since I look about 16). I assured him that I was an adult and could handle whatever he wanted. This assurance turned out to be a mistake because he gave me a spiel about lowering medication costs for old people using the buying power of Washington State. I could hardly disentangle myself by that point, so I signed his sheet with my home address and gave him $20 cash (out of my parents’ money spot; we filled the car up for exactly that amount earlier so I guess it’s even). He gave me a receipt and urged me to call a certain state senator and tell him to pass a bill for the topic.

Since then I have wondered why I didn’t just blow him off. The guilt-factor of such an encounter on a softie like myself can be too much to ignore. But is that all it was? I don’t know.

– KF –

3 thoughts on “Angelic? Doubtful.

  1. Hi, Just read your blogg and I think you just gave the man himself $20.00. Not a bad thing if you felt he had a need but lobbing should never require money. GMIL

  2. You think so? I hope I haven’t just been fleeced… I guess I just need to be meaner in the future and send them away empty-handed.

  3. You shouldn’t worry about whether you’ve been fleeced or not, just your own motivations in giving it. Whether it’s real or fake, you won’t see the effect of the money. If you gave it out of guilt and discomfort, you should feel weird and maybe bad about it regardless of whether it helped people or went to his wallet, and likewise, if you gave out of charity and compassion, you should feel good about it no matter what.

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