Day’s Verse:
For the Lord is righteous, He loves righteousness; the upright will behold His face.
Psalm 11:7

The picture will soon be my life. I spent most of today reading and summarizing PDFs on Merton (it has two faces: the rich and poor. I’ll be spending all my time in the deprived area of Pollards Hill). Although I like reading – I really do! – all this reading business has begun to rag on me. My schedule for today, for instance:

  1. Transcribe Bio notes
  2. Read MQP PDFs and summarize (about 80 pages)
  3. Read Graphic Design (100 pages)
  4. Read Bio Chapter 4 (32 pages)
  5. Read Visual Design PDF (30 pages) and take notes
  6. Read Visual Design Packet (Really thick)

Total reading for the day: ~240 pages, excluding unquantified but enormous Visual Design packet.

For a break I designed logo that you can click to link to a complied Merton map, and now I’ve blogged. So, back to #4: Read Bio. Last time I did that I fell asleep and drooled on the page; we can only hope I don’t repeat that performance. After all, I’ve always wondered How Ecosystems Change.

– KF –

2 thoughts on “Writing Break

  1. I think there’s a good chance I will, yeah. I’ll definitely at least be looking at his IQP and their conclusions for background info.

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