Day’s Verse:
O Lord, in Your strength [I] will be glad, and in your salvation how greatly [I] will rejoice!
Psalm 21:1

Consider using your hands-free headset all the time. Cell phones may be worse for us than we think.

– KF –

3 thoughts on “A Word to All Cell Phone Users

  1. I got your comment about this, and I do intend to write about it once I get the chance. One thing I didn’t understand about this article is how flip phones would be better. I have a flip phone, but it doesn’t make me hold the phone further from my ear or anything. I must be missing something there.

  2. i think it is because the antenna is an inch further away from your brain. its still by your cheek though. cheekbone cancer is better than brain cancer i geuss.

    wouldnt it be great if landlines offered the same kind of payment plans as wireless?

  3. They should make the comeswith headsets a lot better, cause then people would probably start using them, but what about walkietalkie phones? That’s the attraction: carrying it around and finding out whether Makwere is at the airport or not.

    Ooh baby, baby.

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