Day’s Verse:
Be exalted, O Lord, in Your strength; we will sing and praise Your power.
Psalm 21:13

This morning I squished my right index finger with a weight while Karissa and I worked out. Frankly, this untoward flattening bummed me out because I never realized how much pressure I put on that finger until after I steamrolled it.

Speaking of rolling, yesterday Ian and I had a rolling adventure. Some people from church invited us to dinner at their apartment and as we left endowed us with a new(ish) office chair for Ian. The one he had broke in such a manner as to still be sit-on-able, but it had a tendency to tip over whether or not a person was sitting in it. So we had the office chair, but they live about a mile from our apartment (map here). So we carried it part of the way between the two of us, feeling rather silly but figuring it was less silly to carry than roll it. When we reached Highland Street Ian and I parted, and that left me with the office chair and the unenviable duty of rolling it from Price Chopper all the way to our apartment. Yes, I did roll it all the way; yes, I did garner a few strange looks; and yes, we did have a struggle getting it through our ridiculously narrow front door. But now Ian can sit without fear of having his chair suddenly buck him off onto the floor. And I bet that office chair has more miles on it than any other one you might meet!

– KF –

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