Day’s Verse:
The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it. For He has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the rivers.

A few meagre weeks remain between now and the end of this first D-term of my Junior year in college. That statement, which I’ve thought of in various ways many times lately, contains so many strange – even incomprehensible – ideas that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it. The ideas are:

  • I’ll fly to London to complete my Major Qualifying Project in a month. That means I’ll spend that time mostly alone, doing scary adult-type things I’ve never done before.
  • Going to London means I have to a) Pay big bucks for the trip before then; and b) Have a good start on the MQP itself. I haven’t even started writing the Background section. I remember the daunting feeling of starting to write our IQP; this feels even more daunting because I’m on my own. What needs doing, I’ll have to do totally on my own. Motivation level: high. I intend to get all A’s on my projects and graduate with High Honors (which also depends on me earning 18 A’s here at WPI; the A’s at Clark don’t count).
  • I’m entering my Senior year in college next year. Therefore my husband will graduate from college this year and enter graduate school next year. And I met him when I was a Junior in high school. It all seems so far away and long ago, yet at the same time neither of those.
  • Ian graduating means all those other people, friends of his, I met as a college Freshman are also graduating. Because I leave for London May 13, I’ll miss seeing them all graduate. Odds are I’ll never see them again, although I won’t forget them either for quite a long time.

Before all that, though, I’ve got all sorts of D-term type activities to complete. Focusing on the now helps prevent me from panicing about the then.

– KF –

One thought on “Wrap Your Mind Around THIS

  1. Some of us are still feeling like we’re doing scary adult-type things quite often. I think you’re lucky to be learning how to do some of them now–it’ll put you ahead of the curve for later. This trip will build your confidence like you won’t believe. You go, girl!

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