Day’s Verse:
Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the Lord.
Psalm 31:24

I noticed that many people have begun expressing their excitement at the impending end of this academic school year. In this apartment, however, the general feeling continues to clearly tend toward a feeling of frantic desperation in which we would all plead desperately: Please, somebody, put on the time-brakes! We can’t do it all in time!

The guys particularly have a great deal of pressure because April 28th the Completion of Degree Requirements forms must be filled out by then. That means they have to have everything done by then. Plus, on April 19 Seniors present their MQPs. Everybody but Seniors enjoy it because we have no class; they hate it because it means an enormous push to have a project presentation for that day, as well as doing the presentation and remaining dressed up respectably all day. Ian has his presentation at 9:30 am, while our roommate Lucas Clemons has his all day. I anticipate watching Ian’s with his dad, who’s flying out expressly to see the presentation, as well as stopping by to see what Luke miraculously pulled off, as well as seeing most of the TC presentations since those are in my major and I may have to do one next year.

As for myself, I merely have a paper worth 25% of my grade in Visual Design (assigned today) and an exam worth approximately 1/3 of my grade in Biology both due on Monday, in addition to a major research paper due in Peer Tutoring on Tuesday and I have to tutor a session myself some time in the next two weeks, as well as completing my pre-MQP research, Introduction, and Background section. I doubt the hull integrity of our apartment can withstand this type of stress; something’s going to have to burst sooner or later. God help us all get through the next couple of weeks.

– KF –

3 thoughts on “Captain, I Don’t Think the Apartment Can Withstand This High of Stress Levels!

  1. It must be the moon phase or something… I have to rush around doing last minute bureaucratic immigration crap all next week while Scott gives and grades a physics final, goes to the doctor, and then hops a plane to Japan. Bleargh. Slow down, nothing — I wish i could fast-forward through all this!

  2. Well, I suppose one can hope that if the hull blows, perhaps the explosion will reduce the resident population of spiders & centipedes!

  3. Ugh, don’t remind me. It’s getting to be spider season around here again… Luke killed 3 spiders in 15 minutes the other day.

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