Day’s Verse:
Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him; do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, because of the man who carries out wicked schemes.
Psalm 37:7

Today’s verse struck me as I read it this morning because that’s really what I talked about on my last post: fretting over people prospering in their own way. Often I find myself amazed at how God addresses a particular issue. This time I clearly understood that in my last blog I wrongfully judged people when I have no right to do so. In the end I feel resentful and jealous of people who can just skim by because, although I earn high grades, I earn them. People look at me and think I’m so smart – and I am, but only in one thing: I’m smart enough to know that I have to work hard to succeed in college, and I do what I have to. But that’s me, and I don’t have any right to mock or condemn the way other people conduct their lives. As Mom always told me: You can’t control other people, you can only control yourself. If only. Then maybe I wouldn’t shoot off my big mouth so often.

That’s enough introspection for now. Some news: Gary, my father-in-law, flew out Monday to see Ian’s project presentation yesterday. It’s been fun to have him here for this time, and seeing Ian interacting with his dad reminds me how much I miss my dad. Gary and I ate breakfast together yesterday and went to see Ian’s project presentation. Ian looked handsome and sounded intelligent, which is significantly better off many of the people who presented (the intelligent part, at least. As for the looking handsome, everybody cleaned up amazingly well and raised WPI’s respectability level several notches for the day). After Ian’s presentation I watched the six TC presentations. Five interested me, and the sixth didn’t actually bore me too badly. Frankly, I just felt grateful to understand what they were talking about – more than I could say about the EE presentations I saw. Hopefully the pressure has eased a bit from Ian since they did so well on this presentation; in any case, everything ends in eight days for him. After that I hope to get my husband back.

– KF –

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