Recipe in a Bottle

Day’s Verse:
The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold.
Psalm 46:11

You know how every middle-aged couple has horror stories of recipes-gone-wrong from their early marriage? This morning marks one recipe that will live in infamy in our marriage…

*Wavy transition to flashback*

It all started when I felt like something interesting for breakfast. Saturday mornings we have plenty of time and I enjoy baking a more elaborate breakfast than the usual weekday fare. This particular morning I didn’t have any particular breakfast in mind, so I consulted my co-muncher. He suggested pancakes, a perennial favorite that I’ve made since I was tall enough see the top of the stove. The kitchen inventory proved sorrowfully lacking in the primary ingredient, Bisquick, but as a resourceful pancake-maker I harnessed the power of the internet to procure a from-scratch pancake recipe. Continue Reading >>