Day’s Verse:
On God my salvation and my glory rest; the rock of my strength, my refuge is in God. Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.
Psalm 62:7-8

Today I spent on the tubes and in non-touristy areas of London in search of three Development Trusts. They were all over London, one at one end of the Hammersmith & City line and another at the far other end, with the final one somewhere in the middle. Incredibly, my buddy Ryan and I found them all, with the help of about 10 random Londoners who gave us instructions and with my trusty London map. I obtained lots of photographs as well as a fistful of brochures from two of them, while the third one only had two publications at all. Weird. Annoyingly, although these are three of the big Development Trusts around, none of their materials work very well together. Two of the three web sites ranged from hard to use to really crappy. I do not look forward to going to Commonside tomorrow and telling them, “yes, I know these Trusts you admire so much didn’t do what I’m suggesting, but believe me — what I’m suggesting will help a lot!” If I was them, I’d be skeptical.

Since turnabout’s fair play, I accompanied Ryan to the British Museum (which also required asking directions) where we met up with Jamie, another group member, and the three of us looked for specific items that our advisor told them to find. We saw lots of mummified Egyptians, which was cool. I’ve always liked mummies, in a creepy sort of way. At one point the amazingness of 3,000-year-old artwork really struck me. Those people didn’t have electricity or machinery; for some of the time they barely had metal at all! Our search took a long time, so we got back at about 5:00. The rest of the evening I have spent desultorily working on my MQP and thinking of specific things to talk to my sponsors about.

I’m very anxious about going back tomorrow, because I can’t be sure I’ll have any better success finding the place than I did before. The busses confuse me because I cannot know when to get off without a bus schedule, which are not avaliable at bus stops or on the actual bus itself. Tomorrow I intend to take the 118 to Morden, get off at Rowan Road, and catch the 152 to the Pollards Hill Library. I hope I’ll make it by a reasonable time so my sponsors don’t have to politely comment, “we expected you a bit…earlier” like they did when Delorey and I arrived an hour and a half late. The commute takes a long time even without my ineptness, because Merton is already way in the outskirts and Mitcham is in the far corner of Merton.

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