Day’s Verse:
Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips will praise You.
Psalm 63:3

First, here is Chris’ blog and Mike’s web site and Ryan’s blog.

Second, I navigated busses and got to Commonside just fine today! The day went quite well; I spent nearly my whole time there at a booth we set up at the launch of a program for “lone teen mums.” I got to play the American student who was visiting for an indescribable reason; I ate delicious free food (strawberries! and “biscuits!”) and sat around looking clueless. We intended to use my laptop to play a DVD they had made, but it stopped working halfway through; even so, I worked on the MQP on paper, in my lap, most of the time. Tomorrow I will start putting it into the computer. I also got to know Selena, the Commonside manager who is originally from Malta, and two new hires, Rebekah and Jenny, better. Everybody is very nice, and I like them a lot. Hopefully they like me as much, or at least find my work helpful. The worst part of the day was the commute: not its confusingness, because I did that without any hitches, but its length. No matter what route I take, it takes about an hour and a half from here to there or there to here, so by the time I get home dinnertime has nearly passed despite the fact that I am starving. Ah, as they say: it’s a hard knock life.

I learned what “off license” meant today. There are signs that say that on lots of buildings, and now I feel so in the know. So, a fairly good day despite the unavoidable long commute. Tomorrow we go see The Tempest in the Globe Theater at 7:30, so I will leave Commonside early and hopefully EAT. Have I mentioned lately how much I love food? Yeah. I do.

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