Day’s Verse:
How blessed is the one whom You choose and bring near to You to dwell in Your courts.
Psalm 65:4

All the links in this post go to pictures I took. I promise I will take more of mundane stuff, but I am embarrassed to take pictures of things like a tourist. Anyway, these are my group members. Canary Wharf is like the New York City of London. Oddly, the rest of it is pretty low, in terms of building height – I have a great view from my window.

One of our group members, Chris, freaked out when he realized that the British had stolen part of the Parthenon. It really is quite ridiculous. Also at the British Museum, this library made me think of my Mom. She loves books, and this was not only tons of amazing books but also this amazingly huge ceiling.

From the British Museum, I went to Morden…a pretty big switch. This is a housing estate, which tend to have a really bad reputation. This is the project director, Selena. She is very nice, and she came from Malta originally, although I cannot tell by her accent. Here is the group of ladies from Commonside who launched the Aiming High Merton part. They are nice, too.

The next pictures are from the Globe: the stage, the seating (which wasn’t us), their dancing at the end. Also here is St. Paul’s from the Millennium bridge.

One thought on “Pictures, Finally

  1. You are sounding much less jet lagged and substantially perkier. Thanks for the library photo… it is amazing. Can I move in there and simply read for a few months?
    Love you!

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