Day’s Verse:
So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them with his skillful hands.
Psalm 78:72

As I got ready to leave for Commonside this morning, a random thought popped into my head:

If wishes were fishes…

only the conclusion to it came to me as:

…beggars would ride.

Now I can’t, for the life of me, remember what the right way to say those two idioms is. Somebody help me out, please!

I learned last night one reason people hate Americans: they’re so loud! Some new students have moved into our wing of the 10th floor, and every night I’m about ready to throttle them. I would like to ask, nicely of course, if they need to shout about everything. And bang on doors like maniacs. And talk loudly when talking softly will do. I could literally transcribe their conversations from two rooms down, and that’s them talking normally and me with my door shut.

On a brighter, less complainy subject, I noticed lots of business men here (I see tons of them every morning) wear pink or purple ties with their suits. So I’m starting a count. So far today I’ve seen 6 guys in purple ties and 2 in pink. Yesterday I saw 2 in pink ties and 1 in purple. I wonder if there’s a plot-able trend here?

Another thing I wondered about was how many people read one individual Metro newspaper. Then I spent a while thinking of ways to track that, and about how it would actually make an interesting project – kind of like tracking migratory patterns in birds, only with inanimate objects.

We can see a train-station-like building to the northwest (?) of here. For a long time we thought it was Paddington, and Mike attempted to verify this via the internet. To settle our minds I walked there yesterday, kind of randomly heading in the direction I’d seen it from the IES building. Turns out it’s not so much Paddington as Earls Court, a concert venue. Who knew?

And as a final random thought, Commonside held a huge event called Around the World in 80 Minutes at which I took about 200 pictures and got a henna tattoo on my palm.

Cheers! (?)

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts From the Day

  1. It’s if wishes were horses beggars would ride. I don’t know any idioms about fishes.

    Love you.

  2. Just saying hi! You’re new home is shaping up pretty well. We leave tomorrow so we’re doing as much as we can today. I wish I was handier with hardware (and I don’t mean computers and modems.) I could do more of the hanging, nailing sort of stuff that needs doing. I did put up a little rack for dish towels and put on a new toilet seat, though!

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