Day’s Verse:
The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen.
Revelation 22:21

Goodbye to the Commonside Ladies: (left to right) Jenny, Selena, Becky, and Suzanne. Thank you for taking this possibly-annoying American student on for six weeks, for teaching me so much about London, life, and incidentally Commonside Trust. Thank you for letting me learn with you about marketing and for trusting my suggestions (Don’t Panic. And Don’t Centre Text). Thank you for the wonderful send-off at the Common Room and Giraffe — the hot chocolate, hummus and bread, pie, and Rocky Road ice cream were lovely. Thank you for the kind send-off gifts and the first-ever CCDT newsletter all about me. You are all wonderful and I will miss you very much. May you successfully negotiate with the Council, survive your hardships with the Community Centre, and establish a fantastic thriving new [Fill in the Blank] Centre that everybody loves for years to come.

God bless and keep you in all your endeavours. Farewell!

Edit: I refer those of you who are curious as to what exactly I have spent the last seven weeks working on to the most up-to-date official MQP Document. Do not copy any part of it. One stipulation: if you read it, please repay me with suggestions, comments, or edits. This is very much a working document and as such requires as many critical eyes as possible at this stage. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Commonside Ladies

  1. I assume you know the Abstract, though humorous as-is, still needs work, right? 😉 It’s the sort of thing I’d forget to go back and do!

    I’m afraid I don’t have much more useful to say, except that as someone outside your field, I found it clear and understandable. You’ve been doing really interesting work! I had no idea!

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