Day’s Verse:
How blessed is the man who fears the Lord,
Who greatly delights in His commandments.

Psalm 112:1

Dear Readers,

I have a strange problem. Since coming home I have received three extremely itchy bug bites on my right foot, all below my ankle. Although my husband claims to never have had any issues, I’m convinced that our apartment has a flea infestation. What should I do?

Itchy in Worcester

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  1. My sister got fleas once! Not that I’m suggesting they’re YOURS, but you may be one of those lucky, sweet-tasting humans who are attractive to fleas. Which would explain why your husband hasn’t been bitten — they don’t like just anybody!

    The first thing to do is verify the existence of fleas. I can’t quite remember, but I think we did this by putting a white piece of paper on the floor, so we could see them when they jumped on it. Something sticky that would trap them would be even better. Verify that they’re there before taking action.

    Is the apartment carpeted? I would not think fleas were likely on a hardwood floor, but I could be wrong.

    Then I think we went away for a weekend and set a flea bomb for while we were away. I’m not sure that’s doable in an apartment, though, because it might get into other people’s apartments. Wash rugs and upholstry — there may be something at a pet store that would work. Contact your County Extension Agents for further advice — they should be in the phone book.

  2. Katie, I am sure it is a flea bite,some people never get them but i would, so get a bug bomb,it will say it kills fleas etc. cover all food,like potatoes or put it all in refrig and set one off as per directions on can. Be out of the apartment for about 2 hours and then open windows when you return. Before setting it off close everything up but open closets etc. We use them about twice a year and they work great. Your grocery store may have it or a hardwear store. Do it right away as fleas will not go away. Maybe the previous people had a cat or dog. So glad you are home and not in London,see you very soon, Love GMIL

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