Day’s Verse:
Our help is in the name of the Lord,
The maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 124:8

I got an envelope today from the people at Commonside. They included their first newsletter based on the template I made, which made me feel wonderful. Two of them also included notes for me and a MakePovertyHistory bracelet they promised to send me. I am just so glad they could use the things I created — the newsletter looked good! 🙂 I miss the people at Commonside, and I can hardly wait until I get a real job that allows me to make the kind of difference I did at CCDT.

I also got $106 credited to my account from WPI for my extra tube pass cost. When I return to Worcester I will have to verify the correctness of that sum, but it sounds approximately right. And today a looming deadline simply vanished from thin air; I had an excellent meeting with my summer employer; and the weather has settled into 75° with no humidity and cool breezes. Mom and I split a Kidd Valley meal for lunch and sat, gazing at Lake Washington and chatting, during lunch time.

I wish life could just keep going like this forever.

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