Day’s Verse:
Praise be to the Lord, who has not let us be torn by their teeth.
We have escaped like a bird out of the fowler’s snare;
The snare has been broken, and we have escaped.

Psalm 124:7-8

Water SparksThe other day Dad and I took the dog for a walk at St. Edward’s State Park, which sports lots of wooded hiking trails down to Lake Washington. Before we left Mom told us she and Ian would judge our photos when we came back and bade us take good ones for this contest. Unfortunately we arrived with the sunset, and most of our walk took us through dim forests that we diligently photographed with spectacularly blurry results. Thankfully lots of light remained at the lake when we reached its shores, and I took lots of pictures of its sparkly, shiny surface. I can’t resist pictures of shiny or sparkly objects. Especially mirrored objects, which my ring and engagement ring have now become, thanks to the free cleaning & polishing service E.E. Robbins provides after you spend thousands of dollars at their fine establishment.

I spent today reading Zorro, working on BCS Chemistry text revisions at $20/hr (my highest hourly wage ever), and making changes to my MQP report. My advisor, John Trimbur, provided me with suggestions, some of which I have easily implemented. The rest will wait until A Term. I also dropped Mom off at BCC, where she met somebody to carpool with down to Linfield College in Oregon. She has some teacher’s continuing education thing taking place there, which is a little odd because my father-in-law went there for two years. Ian and I stopped to say hi at his house, as well, and I got a book from my mother-in-law that detailed walking tours of Britain. I would like to return after I graduate to do a walking tour, possibly in Wales. Lots of mountains, but beautiful scenery…if only other people will be crazy enough to take on 10 – 15 days walking up steep hills with me.

Dad, Ian, and I saw War of the Worlds last night. I found it quite entertaining and its inaccuracy to the bok didn’t bother me in the least. What bothered me the most, in fact, was Tom Cruise’s presence in the film: Dad and I both agree that another more skilled, subtle actor could have portrayed Ray’s transformation from selfish to selfless better. What do you think: was Cruise the right choice? Who else could have played the role better?

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