Day’s Verse:
Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy.
Then it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”

Psalm 126:2

I was driving Ian back from an afternoon in downtown Kirkland. Down a long hill, an enormous GMC truck followed. Its grille filled my rearview mirror and intimidated me. For some reason I felt anxious about the behemoth tailing me. A motorcycle drove ahead of me and I watched it too carefully: suddenly pedestrian blinking lights lit up and traffic in the lane next to me had stopped. I made a split-second decision to stop and slammed on my brakes, skidding to a halt just at the line; then a second later I heard the terrifying squeal of the enormous GMC truck behind me slamming on its brakes. Then came a crashing, a thud-thud, and the huge truck had driven over the planter-median and swerved into oncoming traffic, which was thankfully also stopped for the pedestrian. The truck pulled away, across oncoming traffic, back into the turn lane and thence into our lane, just ahead of me.

I finished the drive feeling very shaken. I had been driving fast and had chosen to stop for the pedestrian without checking my rearview mirror despite feeling anxious about the huge vehicle in my rearview mirror. The truck behind me had equalled my speed, and if they had rear-ended me Ian or myself could have been seriously hurt: It was a VERY large truck. I kept asking myself if I should have just gone through the crosswalk, despite the blinking pedestrian lights, or if I had chosen right in stopping. In either case, God surely protected us by providing an empty turn lane and oncoming traffic lanes for the behemoth to swerve into. If nothing else, I will keep the rearview mirror in mind more than I have before.

Other bits: Science On Tap, for those of you in the Seattle area. Spend an evening in Seattle at a used bookstore (which in and of itself sounds wonderful) discussing the space elevator.

Also, my contact at NWABR has already begun to pay off: Jeanne pointed me towards the Northwest Science Writers Association, which sounds just up my alley. Their web site is laid-back and appealing, so I hope the people who work for it are too. I think I will join before I leave for Worcester, since right now membership is free and that could be a good resource in the future.

I feel like a squirrel, carefully stashing away my little resource-nuts, burying them in safe places to come back to later. Hopefully I, unlike squirrels, can remember where I buried all those precious pieces of information. The time is rapidly approaching for me to find a Real Job, out in the Real World. I find it difficult to believe that this time next year I will have a B.S. in Technical Communications and hopefully a job in that area as well. That is, if I can avoid fiascoes like yesterday.

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