Day’s Verse:
Praise the Lord!
Praise the name of the Lord;
Praise Him, O servants of the Lord.

Psalm 135:1

The last few days have been a haze of chemistry revisions. I dream at night about electrons and combustion and redox and 2p orbitals. One thing about summer is that I spend almost no time browsing the internet, reading blogs, or any of those computer-related activities. Washingon summers are too gorgeous to spend inside. So if my internet voice sinks to whisper during these weeks, you must understand: good books, chemistry work, and sunshine call much more strongly than wan monitor-light and keyboards.

Our shower broke the other day. Because it’s the kind that you hold in your hand, this took the form of the hose disattaching from the showerhead and flying all over the shower spewing water wildly. After 10 years of hanging down the showerhead just popped off, leaving me showerless and shocked at the same time. Fortunately not soapy, however, as it happened at the end of my shower. We bought a new showerhead, the $9.99 one rather than the $49.99 one. Why would anybody spend $50 on a showerhead?!

I also learned to iron today. That is, I reduced the wrinkle count on some of my and Ian’s most frighteningly wrinkled clothing items. Wrinkle-free will always remain elusive for me, since I cannot summon enough oomph to care about these things. After all, isn’t it arbitrary that wrinkles look bad? Why shouldn’t wrinkly clothes be fashionable? Who says perfectly creased, ironed clothes are neater and better, anyway?

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