DayÂ?s Verse:
Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth;
Keep watch over the door of my

Psalm 141:3

Blue Pen: CookingThis evening Dad and I leave for the Olympic Peninsula. We will spend the night in Port Angeles, then drive to Neah Bay Friday morning. Near there a trailhead on the Makah Indian Reservation starts off a trail that leads to the reputably gorgeous Point of Arches. We will spend two nights there, hiking down the beach during the day. Then on Sunday we will hike out, back to Neah Bay. This may involve a brief stop for a hike to Cape Flattery, the far Western point of the state. Puffins nest there, and the lucky people see them from afar.

My lovely internal-frame backpack is now stuffed to the gills; you could use it for a drum, the fabric is stretched so tightly. However, I have only to squeeze in a plastic mug (which serves for our plate, cup, and bowl) and that will top it off. So wish us good hiking, and great views and weather. I will rejoin you, my faithful readers, back on Sunday or Monday.

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  1. Enjoy your hike,in my very younger days I hiked the very same trail with Fred and the boys,Kevin and Brian. It was beautiful. GMIL

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