Day’s Verse:
“For whoever does the will of God, he is My brother and sister and mother.
Mark 3:35

SnailsWe slept for over twelve hours last night—from 8:30 to 9:40, approximately. Despite yesterday’s pain, today has proven remarkably normal. I take this to mean we have achieved possibly the fastest transition from West Coast to East Coast time ever. We made ample use of our time during the day, too. In it, we:

  • Scrubbed the toilet twice
  • Scrubbed the sink thoroughly
  • Scrubbed the bathtub until it sparkled (excusing the dirt and rust stains)
  • Beat the rugs
  • Scrubbed the counters
  • Vacuumed, including most of the nooks and crannies
  • Walked to Shaw’s (the nice grocery store) and bought $173 worth of groceries, which necessitated taking a taxi back. I’ve never filled a grocery cart up completely before.

Additionally, I zipped out some emails I’ve needed to send for quite a long time, organized my schedule, and reconnected with a few of my WPI friends.

Despite the sorrow of leaving my beloved family and my favorite state, I’m adjusting to Worcester again. I anticipate the school year being one of my best yet; I am, personally, more grown-up and experienced than ever (obviously) and I think I’ve grown a great deal in my faith as well as in my personality. These general personal growths, on top of the fact that after this term I will have finished my academic projects and only need to pass my classes to graduate, make me feel quite happy about this year. It’s also wonderful to walk around campus and see people I know—to connect again, which was something I never experienced before. Clark was too cold and I lived off campus the second year, and my first year at WPI I knew very few people. Also I have at least two extracurricular activities that I know I’ll love: the Women’s Bible Study and Peer Tutoring in writing. So this year really has a lot of potential, and I intend to enjoy it to its fullest.

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  1. Hi, So happy that you are so upbeat and positive about the year and everything in general. I need to take a lesson from you and experience the same attitude for my life. Love you Katie,Hugs Jane GMIL

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