Day’s Verse:
Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace,
so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Hebrews 4:16

I had an MQP meeting today with John…

Me: “How many TC majors are there now?”
Trimbur: “Well, we lost a bunch because six graduated last year…”
Me: !

A bunch = six?! The long and short of it is that WPI currently sports 12 to 14 people in my major. This is a smaller number than the population any of my classes all term.

Waiting for my biology class, Plant Diversity, to start:

“I’ll just ask the TA… D’oh! I am the TA!”

Must be a new graduate student this year.

We have a Plant Diversity project due Monday. My partner and I started it today by visiting Price Chopper…

Sketchy Price Chopper employee: “Excuse me, what’re you two doing?”
Us: [blank look at first] “Um, doing a school project.”
SPCE: “Because you came up on our security cameras as being suspicious. Staying in the same aisle this whole time and all.”
Us: “Right, well, we’re just writing down product ingredients here…”
[Repeat two or three times, with slight variations, and us affirming that we did not intend to steal the whole stock of Preparation-H Hemorrhoidal Ointment]

Personally, I think my partner and I were the least suspicious of the customers in Price Chopper then. Honestly.

My Plant Diversity professor, who asked us to call her Pam, on plant reproduction:

“If it can be done, plants probably do it.”

And, finally, this actually took place yesterday at the Brooks Pharmacy on Chandler Street…

Employee: “Oh, you’re a WPI student. Your insurance isn’t paying for any medicines until the middle of September, so you’re going to have to pay cash for this.”
Me: “OK.”
Employee: “That’ll be $50.”

Would have been nice of WPI to tell the students about that. Especially since some of us can’t get out of buying drugs every month. Also I found out that my pills cost more than $1 each. Schnikeys!

2 thoughts on “The First Day of Class: A Selection of Quotes

  1. Hehe I hope not! Fortunately they’re pretty nice, and also they’re only used to dealing with drunk college students. So even if I was hauled in, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

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