Day’s Verse:
He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.”
Mark 6:31

FlameTreeWPI is building a new, rather uninspired admissions building in the middle of what used to be a 90-spot parking lot. They created a website to justify it to the rather disgruntled students who just want to park their cars near to class and don’t buy this crap about expanding the quad a bit. It (the site, not the vanished parking lot) does have one cool feature: two webcams perched on the roofs of buildings show live updates of the progress. But honestly, my favorite part of the site came when I read their About WPI section and ran across this gem:

Where science and technology meet real world problems.

Real world problems have, once again, triumphed over science and technology. This quote is an example of why you want to other people to proofread work before you spew it out onto the internet.

I found this site while spending my first hour in the Center for Communication Across the Curriculum – that’s really the Writing Center to normal people. However, WC simply didn’t make a decent acronym, so some students dreamed up the CCAC. Which sounds like a dog vomiting, but that’s alright. It’s still better than WC.

As a side note, Ian has been feeling unloved because nobody commented about the fantastic, super-cool search feature he poured sweat/blood/tears into to create.

5 thoughts on “Inadvertent Humor

  1. See, I tried doing math on it… but it didn’t seem to like that. What am I doing wrong?

    It’s not very often you have to search a blog. I wouldn’t be too downhearted Ian. Someday someone will use it and thank you.


  2. It’s sadly true. The MIT building linked to there, designed by a famous architect whose name I forget now, is totally awesome. I wish WPI could come up with something that cool.

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