Day’s Verse:
No servant can serve two masters;
for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other.

Luke 16:13

Blogging is not very fun without comments. So I am going to make them avaliable again, but with strict supervision. Please don’t misuse them. Be mature adults, if you will.

The Social Psychology exam went alright. I had a tutee afterwards, and the session was exactly like trying to drag a boulder through mud up to my waist – the tutee even kept yawning. Sessions like that make me feel completely useles. Later I heard a comment that perked me back up again, though. Paul Davis was introducing me to a very sparce group of prospective parents (with their students; but honestly, at that point the tours and info sessions are all for the parents. Kids will choose based on some ridiculous criterion in the end anyway) and he said:

It’s a little-known fact that this is the last week of the term. That’s why students are looking a little haggard – because we’ve been beating them.

Boy, hearing that would sure make me want to come to WPI! And frankly, it’s a very well-known fact among WPI students and faculty. I didn’t just wake up this morning and exclaim, “Goodness me, it’s the end of the term already! That means I have lots of exams and papers to write, and everything is due by Thursday! How can this be?” Little-known fact, my foot!

Incidentally, the weather is acting like fall all of a sudden. Friday it was hot and muggy; then we woke on Saturday to pouring rain and muggy weather. Then Sunday the temperature dropped about 20°; and today we are enjoying 50° weather complemented by a relentless light drizzle. Only now are the leaves starting to turn, though, and most trees still sport a majority of green leaves. Despite these evidences, however, I fully expect to leave for Seattle and return to find Worcester buried under two feet of snow and suffering sub-zero blasts. Or maybe it will be 80° again, like it was last Wednesday. New England is so strange and unpredictable!

One thought on “Try Not to Break It This Time

  1. Strange and unpredictable, like its residents! AAAGHKLAFJLKJDA:LDKJ!! *goes crazy*

    teeheehee. You know, coming back to snow wouldn’t surprise me all that much either haha. At least there’s a variety, eh? Though its’ a pain to always have shorts in your dresser drawer and a snow parka in the closet. We can’t pack anything away for long!

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