Day’s Verse:
Go then, eat your bread in happiness and drink your wine with a cheerful heart; for God has already approved your works.
Ecclesiastes 9:7

Ian and I are off on a retreat with CBF this weekend. I’ve gotten all but my Ecology work done ahead, so that huge Ecology textbook’s coming with. This is a new experience for me: we’re heading to Vermont. I expect sort of overcast green mountains, possibly with some snow thrown in for spice. We’ve even received a wishywashy promise that Ian and I will be able to sleep together, which may be a first for any CBF retreat. I’ll keep you posted for all the shenanigans & goings-on.

Actually I’m glad we’re leaving; the water ran brown this morning when I went to take my shower, and it’s not come out clear (or even near clear) all day. We’re very thirst and tired of drinking milk. And the dishes are piling up, too. I just hope the water is brown from dirt.

See you all Sunday night!

PS – My Bioethics class was cancelled two days in a row. So of 3 classes so far, we’ve had one. Who does that?!

2 thoughts on “Off to Vermontland

  1. It was a broken water pipe. This has happened every winter I’ve been here. It’s clear now; we just had to run the water a bit to clean out the residual brown water.

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