Day’s Verse:
that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strenthened with power through His spirit in the inner man,
Ephesians 3:17

I think the 50-word stories will be more interesting for everybody involved. I simply cannot get back into the story itself, and I doubt anybody else will read it either. So I will do my best on the 50-word stories. Here are a few more:


Creakingly opened, scales awaited expected guests. Wind blew, specks flew—three cells with a sticky landing. Long they heaved through dense wood. Promise floated on chemical signals, siren call beckoning onwards to one; two followed blindly, trusting. Seasons pass unmarked until genes mingling fulfill the promise. All for seed formation.

Growing Pains

May rains trickled through soil, infiltrating gaps with the promise of warmth and light. The cue sparks life, metabolism. The fullness of time brought forth struggle, the battle between gravity and growth. Strong growth triumphs, heaving aside nurturing humus to extrude shootlets. Greening with time, a new generation emerges, triumphant.


The patient suffered greviously. Family clustered about, invisible to his vacant eyes, untouchable to his clutching hands. The patient’s mouth opens. Heads lean, ears strain to catch, “Let me die.” A decision, quietly made, brings forth the means. One shot, neatly administered. The patient flew free while his liberator stood trial.

College Bound 4

What once was sure became unknown. Loyalties shift among rooms, up and down the hall. Laundry piles, quarters’ value increasing disproportionately. Same food, swiftly, uncaringly prepared—hardly home cooking. Instantaneous forced adaptation, learned through painful errors, begins the changing process. New experiences molding new persons, young adults maturing: College life.

3 thoughts on “Back to 50-Word Stories

  1. I really like your short stories! They have the feel of long haiku poems. What an interesting collection they will make.

  2. Your blog will become a daily addiction for me if you continue to post a 50 word story each day! Thanks for the gift of these word pictures.

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