Day’s Verse:
Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible.
1 Corinthians 9:19

Church SpireFrom my mailbox today, since most of my excitement came from there.


Dear Kathleen, Thank you for submitting your resume as application for employment with Medical Information Technology, Inc., (MEDITECH).

Because of your future graduation date, your resume has been placed on hold. We will be contacting you in the future to begin the interviewing process.

Again, thank you for your interest in MEDITECH.

I applied for a really cool-sounding job at Meditech, and this is what I get back. Sigh. At least the acknowledged getting my $0.87 letter.

Letter & Pamphlet: STC

Dear Kathleen, Thanks for your membership in the Society for Technical Communication! Attached is your STC membership card for the year. This letter serves as your receipt for your 2006 membership dues.

In 1953, technical writers formed a professional association to improve the quality of their work, raise awareness about their profession, and advance their careers. This association evoled and changed its name to the Society for Technical Communication (STC) in 1971. Today, STC’s 15,000-plus members work in every industry, producing printed manuals, online help, multimedia, and otehr forms of technical communication.

I consider the $50 to join a small, small contribution if being a member of THE TC professional society helps me find a job. I also belong to the Society of Professional Communicators, by honorary membership (I won a scholarship from them last year).

Letter: Annual Membership Renewal

Dear Club Member, Just a few cents a day. That’s all it takes to renew your Sierra Club Membership for another year.

Yes, renew my Sierra Club Membership for another year! Please use my dues to protect and defends America’s precious environment for this and future generations.


Yes, I did it. I support the Sierra Club, as well as the NRDC and the Wilderness Society. This means I get triple the number of requests for me to donate money to save the vanishing squagglepuffs in the mountains of Venezuela.

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