Day’s Verse:
Why is it that you were looking for Me? Did you not know that I had to be in my Father’s house?
Luke 2:49

No major change, except I have shifted from nose-blowing to bouts of coughing. Still need Tylenol Flu every four hours to not have a fever.

Did get through the whole day yesterday, in the most mediocre possible way. Everything went kind of badly. Yet I made it, and not on my own strength! Only two other students showed up to the TC thing, so my advertising was for naught. I also left the big poster, for which we paid $13.50 and that I really liked, on campus when I intended to bring it home. So I lost the big poster for my fuzzy-headedness.

I hope I get well soon. This is the longest I have had a fever in quite a while, and I find it rather debilitating. Or perhaps the lack of sleep (first due to not being able to swallow, then not being able to breathe, then not being able to stop coughing) that has begun wearing on me. I go to bed exhausted at 8:30, but spend the whole night awake. Should I go to Health Services, or will they just tell me I have a cold and go away?

4 thoughts on “Hanging in There

  1. Health Services might be able to see signs of infection if they are there and give you antibiotics if you need them. Sometimes it’s reassuring to go see the medical people even if they can’t do much, just in case. I guess you know to drink lots of fluids. . .

  2. Thanks for the reminder, all. Excuse me while I go get some more tea…

    I calculate I’ve drunk 14 cups of Tazo Refresh tea since the beginning of the weekend.

  3. What Deborah said, plus if its the flu you’ve got to catch it early before it invites in best friend pneumonia.

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