Day’s Verse:
Knowledge makes arrogant, but love edifies.
1 Corinthians 8:1

Lettuce BowlsThe CBF Christmas Party was a great success. Forty people showed up to an apartment that could comfortably accomodate 15, and all but one had brought a “treasure” to share. Ian brought condoms in a nice pastel bag, while I brought The Lettuce Bowls, pictured at right, wrapped in construction wrapping-paper. We walked down the extraordinarily slick William Street, and I slipped and fell, dropping my nicely-wrapped Lettuce Bowls. When I picked the package up again, we heard the telltale rattle that indicated my gift had broken. That was very sad, and I wished I had saved it for the First Alliance White Elephant party tonight; I know they just got thrown away at the end of yesterday evening. Poor things.

Everything else at the party was fantastic. When we walked in, Nora was using a dish-scrubber on the carpet to get out red food coloring she had spilled. Everything went up from there: green frosting that turned your teeth green; people filling the hallway from end to end with their shoes; the hum of a loud crowd; decorating your own cookies; being exhorted to drink hot chocolate; the totally awesome B-saurus rap; sitting on the floor talking with lots of people; laughing and friendly camraderie; singing Christmas songs in a quieter apartment across the hall; and, of course the gifts. Ian’s condoms elicited red faces and comments, and Nora later tried to get rid of them by describing them as water-tight containers, balloons, and water balloons. My dishes went over about as well as a dead fish. Other fine gifts included a briefcase full of cassette tapes, numerous Dollar-Store purchases, a quesidilla maker (the most-stolen gift), an enormous map of the world, food stolen from the dining hall, bags of candy, a photo of two CBF guys kissing, a Hot Wheels car, an enormous blue dress with Bibles on it, a sparkly pen, a stick, an empty glasses case, and a Patriots player nutcracker. These were some of the few “treasures” people generously shared. If this description doesn’t satisfy your longing to have as much fun as we did, you can download all the pictures (~8 megs).

In all: an incredibly fun way to spend a few hours. Ian and I left fairly early, since we both felt rather exhausted and sick still. Today has much less to commend it, as I will spend it doing Geology homework and studying; Ecology preparations; and writing a Bioethics paper. I wish this was next Saturday: we would be winging our way home right now!

3 thoughts on “CBF White Elephant Junk Exchange: the Sad Demise of the Lettuce Bowls

  1. Too bad about the bowls–someone would have loved them in one piece I’m sure! 🙂 Hope you didn’t get hurt. . .

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