Day’s Verse:
The light shines in the darkness, and th e darkness did not comprehend it.
John 1:5

Guard Rail B&WOn our way to Christmas Tree hunt near Big Four Ice Caves, ice crystals rimed everything, and many photos were taken. We sprayed the dog’s paws with non-stick cooking spray to keep snow from accumulating between her toes. The hour-long drive allowed Dad, Colleen, and me to discuss everything from the fear of death (why do you fear dying?) to the best thing that happened this semester to the geology of Worcester. The temperature past Verlot hovered around 30°, and we bundled up warmly. I had to show Colleen how to wrap a scarf, though; she’s spent the last year and a half in Southern California. The tree hunting took some time, but after hiking through narrow, windy, packed-down-snow trails, we eventually found a tolerable, if scraggly, little tree to bring home. Then we hiked to the Big Four Ice Caves, a mile-long hike across snow packed into ice. It might have posed a hiking challenge, except we brought three pairs of snowshoes, which include crampons on the bottom that allowed us to walk confidently (if awkwardly) over all surfaces.

When we arrived home, we took Dad out to dinner at Anthony’s Home Port, a semi-nice restaurant. I had salmon, but it disappointed me. Ian, however, made good on their Sunday all-you-can-eat crab dinner, and everybody else enjoyed their food. Most of all, we enjoy one another’s company: as my family ages, we seem to get along increasingly well. Now it’s a joy to spend time with them. We laugh and joke and tell stories about music pastors singing in sin and narrow pining.

Christmas break is lovely. Unfortunately I have a phone interview with a fellow from Datafarm at 12:00 today, which cuts my day in half — and so many gifts remain to be bought! But I still feel like we’re living at the height of luxury, with two-ply toilet paper, real Kleenex, Tillamook smokey cheddar, Ghiradelli hazelnut hot chocolate, and lots of Christmas music.

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