Day’s Verse:
“My food is to dow the will of Him who sent Me, and to accomplish His work.”
John 4:34

Grey ReflectionsYesterday we hiked to Bridal Veil Falls near Index. The rain held off all day, although trees dripped and mud pulled at our boots. We forded many small streams that intersected the trail, most of which was a converted smoothly-graded logging road. The whole family – Mom, Dad, Colleen, Ian, me, and the dog – all enjoyed our outdoor excursion. Dad, Colleen, Ian, and I all took photos of the falls, but none of them turned out: the day was too dark. But we had fun. We stopped at Zeke’s Drive In on the way home to gorge on thick, delicious milkshakes, fries, and hamburgers. Colleen discovered a new weight-loss program there, in which you shiver your way to thinness.

This left us no room for dinner with the Ferguson family. I ate very lightly there yesterday evening (except for the pumpkin pie and whipped cream; why skimp on those?!). That evening Ian and I spent with his family, talking and watching a couple episodes from Star Trek Next Generation. The worst part of my day was when they announced we had to take a photo in front of their beautifully-decorated Christmas tree. Everyone disappeared, then reappeared all dressed up, wearing really nice clothes, with their hair all perfectly brushed and in place, looking beautifully groomed as always. I, meanwhile, was wearing PJ pants and a T-shirt, with kind of sweaty yucky hair from our hike. So as usual, I ended up looking like the pathetic, ugly (nobody in their family has heard of zits), fashion-incompetent married-into-the-family slob. Every Ferguson Christmas photo including me makes me want to wince, or cry, or black myself out of the picture, it is so painfully clear I don’t fit with Ian’s family.

ANYWAY, this morning we made Dutch Apple Cranberry bread. Colleen insisted we make two loaves; good thing, since one has disappeared already. Then Mom, Dad, Ian, and I went to the Tacoma Art Museum to enjoy the photos of Margaret Bourke-White and “The Romantic Vision of Michael Brophy.” I admired many of Bourke-White’s photos, which captured details of the rise of industry, such as molten steel pouring from a vat, or a pile of pipes, or repeating blades of a combine. Those are photos I would aspire to take. The Michael Brophy I did not appreciate so much; he painted large scenes of the Northwest, but showing clear-cuts, or including weird surrealistic touches that I found unattractive. Equally unattractive was the TAM Cafe, where Mom and I split a ham, apple, and brie pannini. I actually enjoyed the pannini, but the black-brean chili that came with it managed to be both bland and too spicy at the same time. At first it tasted like nothing; then, as you swallowed it, you got a spicy kick.

This evening we were going to have friends over to play games, but they all turned up busy. So it looks like a nice relaxing family games night. Ah, home, where you have enough people just sitting around to play Rummy Royal.

6 thoughts on “Lose Weight Through Shivering!

  1. Katie, Please do not do that to yourself,you are a beautiful girl and we all love you. Actually you have a beautiful face and figure,just play it up alittle if it really bothers you,if not, just be you…GMIL

  2. Best wishes for 2006.
    I am so intrigued about the PJ trousers. There is a reason for it: I have worn nothing else but PJ trousers every day, since May, and would love to learn your rationale.
    If indeed PJ is what I think it is.
    Maybe we are starting a craze?? 🙂

  3. In my mind, it’s all about pyjama pants. I wear them under my jeans every day all winter — they’re what keep me from freezing in the evil New England wind (sadly that means I rub holes in the knees very quickly).

    They’re just so comfy and fuzzy and warm, like a bath without the bath tub. If only somebody invented PJ pants that looked like dress pants, or jeans, the world would truly be complete.

  4. 2 things: First on the topic of PJ pants. Though I haven’t seen dress pants that way, I have seen flannel-lined jeans. They’re not cheep, but look really comfy. You may want to check them out.

    Second, I tried to call Ian last night to see if you wanted to hang, but it went strait to voicemail. Bummer, too, it sounds like we could have hung.

  5. i was just going to tell you about the miracle of flannel lined jeans but someone has beaten me too it. karissa recently introduced me to the joys of pjs under sweat pants. perfect.

    also, i hate when everyone else looks really prepared and you dont. i forgot it was senior portrait day in high school. that sucked.

  6. Hya, We startes something there. 🙂

    My body broke out in fierce eczema last May. (My mum died suddenly, which may have something to do with it).

    I still can’t stand anything but soft flannel cotton, hence the universal PJs.

    Like you, I wear overtrousers out of doors, and it is a great combo. Also easier to wash just the PJ’s.

    Could I ask for some help here? I am in such trouble with my skin now. I acquired 40 different creams, none of which do any good. Except one: Jergens Soothing Aloe Lotion. But: It is the discontinued one, before KAO took over Jergens, and I can’t find it anymore.
    Can anybody help? I tried the net, and they keep on sending the newer version, which makes things more painful.
    If there is anyone who knows where I might buy this still, I would be so very grateful. We live in the UK and here it is totally absent.
    Sorry to use your comments, and wipe it off if it annoys you.

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