Day’s Verse:
He who speaks on his own does so to gain honor for himself, but he who works for the honor of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him.
John 7:18

Heading back to Worcester this morning at 8:45. Sad, sad, sad. I got up at 5:00 after having not slept at all.

Yesterday Ian and I had a pile of errands to run, so we started off early, at 10:00. First we stopped at a used bookstore…but it was “closed every Mondays.” Then we successfully dropped a CD off at the library, but at 10:30 when we arrived at E.E. Robbins to clean my engagement ring (required to maintain the warranty)…but we learned that the store opened at 11:00. No matter; we went to Bellevue Post Office to buy 2¢ stamps. Ian went to the U Bookstore to kill some time while I did that. …But they had sold out 2¢ stamps, so I walked to meet him at the U Bookstore emptyhanded. On the way, I stopped at a pastry shop to buy a croissant…but they sold no croissants. I met Ian at the U Bookstore and I found a fat book for the long plane ride. We got to E.E. Robbins as it opened, did a couple more successfull errands, and eventually ended up at his house. We weighed the eight Xerox boxes of belongings we are shipping to Worcester, and found that the US Postal Service would be cheapest. I securely taped all the boxes, and Ian and I headed back north to my house to the Juanita Bay Pharmacy with its small Post Office. …But when we got there, the Post Office bit had a line stretching out of sight, so instead we went to the Kenmore Post Office. …But the Kenmore Post Office could fit about three people in it at one time, and a line stretched out the door. We bought a $40camera battery for Ian, and headed back home to find another Post Office. On the offchance, we went into the Juanita Bay Pharmacy Post Office and shipped one package, but they told us they could not handle shipping seven more that size or larger. Eventually, we settled on the Kirkland one, followed by Bothell, since both are fairly large Post Offices. …But when we went to leave, Ian and I heard a suspicious hissing noise as we stood outside the van. Lo and behold, a nail had wedged itself into the side of the tire. So we transferred the boxes to Dad’s car and he and I went to the Bothell Post Office to deal with the packages while Ian got the van’s tire patched. …But when Dad and I got to the Post Office, it was swarming, just like all the others. We waited in a self-check package line, and a Postal Service worker (sort of) helped us get the packages labeled and sent. FINALLY we finished our errands at 4:00, six hours after starting. My oh my.

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