Day’s Verse:
So we have the prophetic word made more sure, tow hich you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.
2 Peter 1:19

What is your least favorite dish to wash by hand? Mine is either the collander or the cheese grater. Coming in a close second would be a whisk, which never seems to get totally clean.

I ordered a plastic protective case for my iPod nano today after seeing somebody else’s with a distressing cracked screen. Scratches on the body, fine; but cracked screens I simply will not tolerate.

My first ECE exam went off like a lead bowling ball in a pond. I answered maybe 40% of the exam total, and estimate 20% of that might be correct…if I get partial credit. Plus, I forgot my pencil. Based on this and my dismal homework performance, I expect to fail my first-ever class this term (no this isn’t just a pessimistic assessment. I know what I know and it isn’t enough), and have signed up for Microbilogy D-Term to make up for it. Sigh. Overloading the last term of my senior year, here I come.

To console myself, I made a loaf of lemon-blueberry bread that turned out deliciously. Sadly bread cannot save my grade, or graduation…

3 thoughts on “A Dark Academic Day

  1. Mmmm lemon blueberry bread sounds delicious. That’d make me feel better! Hey…at least your car didn’t catch on fire and block miles of traffic…(yeah…that was my afternoon hehe)

  2. i would say, wisk

    also, you should aks the professor if he plans on scaling. or maybe just kiss his but so he will pass you

  3. Hmmm, replacing one hard class w/ another, huh? My micro class was really interesting, but the hardest class I took in college (that’s excluding genetics, which I blame on a bad prof). But then again, you’re good at the technical and memorizing stuff, so you’ll probably do fine. : )

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