Day’s Verse:
[Love] does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices in the truth;
1 Cor. 13:6

Ironically, I got a 63 on the exam.

I have paid $25 to go to a roundtable brunch hosted by the American Medical Writers Association and the New England Science Writers starting at 11:00. This involves an hour of pre-roundtable networking, followed by two more hours at my roundtable table… networking. I specifically requested to be placed at the networking table, so I have at least three hours of intense one-on-one people-meeting instead of church today. This reminds me of a flash video Ian showed me, because this is my ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny. Although my paperwork encourages me to enjoy a good time and good conversation, the leaden state of my stomach indicates the likelihood of my actually doing so is quite low. God willing, however, I should come out with at least a few contacts for the future. Either that, or I’m the world’s worst networker.

At least I’m not the world’s worst alfredo maker. Last night I did homemade smoked-salmon fettuccini alfredo, and oh-my-goodness. So delicious I wanted to weep. Then we watched Matrix II, and I really did want to weep — but only for the distressingly inane, overdone lines. They were trying too hard, I think, to maintain the same thoughtfulness achieved in the first Matrix, but that’s impossible for the inherently action-oriented sequel. Ah well, next week we’ll watch the third one as Trinity gets impaled multiple times, then gives here dying soliloquy. A person’s gotta have something to look forward too.

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