Day’s Verse:
Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.
2 Cor. 5:17

I ruefully admit that, when it comes to electrical engineering and cell biology, I have the attention span of a golden retriever. This term has passed more quickly than I might have hoped, and yet on the eve of my — dare I say it? — triumph I cannot force myself to sit down for the necessary focusing. It’s as if the rest of the term has suddenly steamrolled right over me, leaving zero space for a last push of concentration and diligence. It’s this point, when everything screams Just read your novel! Forget it! that the true student grits her teeth, sets the novel/blog/dishes/contrived distractions aside, and does what is necessary.

I hear enzyme-linked receptors calling my name. I cannot turn my student conscience off, however much I may attempt to mute it. More for myself than anything else, I have:

  • ECE exam tomorrow at 10:00
  • RSA Security phone interview at 12:15 tomorrow
  • English paper in lieu of final exam due at 4:00 tomorrow
  • Cell Biology review session at 11:00 Wednesday
  • Cell Biology final exam at 11:00 Thursday

You would think, with all that stuff dated tomorrow, I would feel more pressure to do the necessary. But you can’t feel more pressure when you’re totally flattened already.

3 thoughts on “Steamrolled Golden Retriever Kinase

  1. May you end your term with a leap through the last hoops of ECE and cell bio. That will be a big relief!
    Love you oodles…

  2. My goodness, won’t it be a relief though! I didn’t even think of the “hoop jumping” pun when I picked that photo of Carmel, either, but it’s exactly right. Subconscious triumphs again!

  3. Hi Katie! You’re almost done – you can make it! You don’t have to respond out of pressure necessarily, just keep going on. God knows how you will handle it all.

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