Day’s Verse:
Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and turn away from evil. It wll be healing to your body and refreshment to your bones.
Proverbs 3:7-8

Ground GingerWelcome to my new home online. I hope you all have followed the trail from my previous blog site at marriage.analogcafe.net here to this shiny new website; I also would ask that if you link to my blog or to the even older Got Marriage?, you update your link to direct straight to this new URL, http://kf.rainydaycommunications.net/journal/ (http://kf.rainydaycommunications.net/ also takes you there).

This site has been in the making since November, when Ian and I agreed that we needed to update our web presence. That was when we agreed on Rainy Day Communications as our URL and title. I began designing layouts and styles then; they have, as you can imagine, evolved significantly since that original design. This month Ian began serious coding work, writing the site into being from scratch. He has done a magnificient job, as usual, and I would like to take you on a brief tour of the new site so you can fully appreciate the body of work he put in.

You begin at the front page, with a flash animation created by Ian (as is the whole rest of the site), with the option to choose my side of the site or his. If you click on Kathleen Ferguson, you see three choices: Portfolio, Resume, or Journal. Probably most of you will visit this site for the Journal, to see what shenanigans and goings-on have been enlivening my life. However, this site is geared not only for you, my faithful readers, but for potential employers who may be interested in my other, less entertaining, pursuits.

Hence the Portfolio page, which includes links to PDFs of some of my academic and work products. These include writing samples and samples of visual designs to woo possible employers with my fabulous skills. Similarly, this site devotes another page to an online Resume detailing my work and academic experiences as evidence for why any company in its right mind would hire me immediately, at a salary equal to, if not greater than, that earned by my esteemed husband.

Finally, the Journal page includes everything once hosted at analogcafe, but in a new, reorganized, easier-to-access format. The Journal button takes you directly to what you are now reading, but it also reveals a series of sub-menu buttons that correspond to content that you could access on the side buttons at Semicircular Reasoning. These buttons are Archives, which now also hosts the rather under-appreciated search feature Ian wrote six months ago; Personal, which includes all that interesting information you surely used before, including my email, random facts about me, links to my 50-word stories, and more; Opinions, which includes all my editorial blogs to date; Blogs, my blogroll, that list of other blogs I consistently read and recommend to my readers; Links, where I include links to other websites I recommend or visit frequently; and Photos, which may never actually contain true photos but at least links to my Flickr page.

Welcome, again, to Rainy Day Communications and please explore. This is for you, my readers, as much as for me and Ian. I hope you enjoy this major change, and please let me know if you find any bugs or irritating design features. We aim to please.

2 thoughts on “A New Era Begins

  1. First off, I like the new design! Props to Ian for building it from scratch. Second, just wanted to let you know of a bug I noticed: when clicking on the Journal link for Ian on the flash homepage, I get linked to your (Katie’s) journal, not Ian’s. : )

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