Day’s Verse:
Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth.
Proverbs 5:18

I have a couple things to add to the post on 16 March about what I called housewives.

1. *Is homemaker more politically correct? Are you actually making homes? Anyway, I acknowledge that that does get more at what I was thinking of, so please consider my intentions and implications in using housewife the same as those that accompany homemaker.

2. I received an interesting article from Mom yesterday on a similar topic. It is available at here at the Seattle Times, or you can Google “Tweaking the marriage matrix,” by Ellen Goodman. I encourage you to read it and consider it in light of my comments from a couple days ago.

I will pass no judgment at this precise moment, but will get back to you.

Our best news in days: Probably for the last time in our lives, we owe the government no taxes.

3 thoughts on “Back to Homemakers*

  1. Yes, we are actually making homes, which is different from building houses. “Home” encompasses much more than the building itself.

  2. ok… that seattle times article is out of control. what does it mean for me… christian female… working on her PhD in molecular genetics & microbiology?? basically this article is telling me that i shouldn’t get married because i AM progressive. and so what if i am?! and why should i lower my expectations? i think it would be much worse to settle for the wrong man (because of lowered expectations) than to hold out. i don’t know. maybe that’s why i’m still single.

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