Day’s Verse:
The one who guards his mouth preserves his life;
Theone who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.

Proverbs 12:3

PairsI took this picture of colored dice in the bright sunset light yesterday evening. There are a series of the photos; you can see the whole set here.

I belog to a group on Flickr called DeleteMe, and to have your photo saved there is high praise indeed. I think one of my dice photos may be good enough for DeleteMe, but I cannot decide which one to submit (I can, of course, edit any of them before submission). My request is that you, my readers, vote on which photo in the set you like best to help me decide which one to submit to DeleteMe.

I would also appreciate your artistic suggestions, but in so doing recall that I have not the power of Photoshop at my fingertips. I can make cropping and color changes, but not much more than that.

In other news, Ian paid for our silver pine mica-colored Prius yesterday (kudos to you if you have an idea what color it actually is!), and we are hot on the trail of a wonderful apartment for the next few years. On top of that, today is 60°, demanding of truancy despite my first Surveying exam tomorrow. God, and life, is good.

8 thoughts on “Picture Sharing

  1. DearKarie, i like Pairs the best,no artistic ability in me and great news on the new car. Love GMIL

  2. Nice dice. I like the ones involving the colorless die with the blue pips, but the ones where you didn’t line them up in a straight line are generally better.
    My favorite is Colored Dice, but I don’t think DeleteMe will spring for that because the table edge is slanted and the corner is in view. I recommend either cropping the corner out of that one or going with Rainbow Dice 2.

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