Day’s Verse:
Better is a little with righteousness
Than great income with injustice.

Proverbs 16:8


Fight Global Warming put this video out. Think about it. Then consider new light bulbs.

If you think you live better than the rest of us, prove it: take the carbon test. By flying across the country twice a year, Ian and I emitted as much carbon as a normal American — that without driving a mile.

2 thoughts on “Global Warming Video

  1. Hmm, that’s a good piece of information. Thanks for the input on that.

    Ian’s all about LED lightbulbs. We may give one of those a spin some time, and I’ll let you know if they live up to their hype.

  2. From the “new light bulbs” site:
    “Last up to 15 times longer”

    This is, quite simply, a lie. I have been buying these bulbs for 8 years. *RARELY* does one last longer than 3 years. MOST last only about a year. After the first couple died seemingly unusually fast, I started writing the “in service” date on each one as I installed it. Of all the ones I’ve replaced since, none has been more than 2 years old. (Some have NOT been replaced, and so are more than 2 years old, but far too many die too soon.) Needless to say, I don’t install nearly as many as I used to. And at 5 times the price, who would WANT to? They have a ways to go before anyone can recommend these, in my opinion.

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