Day’s Verse:
How much better it is to get wisdom than gold!
And to get understanding is to be chosen above silver.

Proverbs 16:16

Color MixingFor those of you grossed out or concerned by the disgusting photo in my last post, I apologize… without sincerity. I love gross things like that; it reminds me of my childhood looking at the disgustingly graphic line drawings in Mom’s Where there Is No Doctor book. How many hours went into gazing at those oozing sores, gaping flesh, burrowing parasites, sagging and bloody eyes? Yep, I loved that book, and boy am I glad to see that all the pictures remain alive and well in the pdf versions!

The good news: my eyes have begun returning to normal, and I got an antibiotics prescription from the doctor this morning that may help. The best part of this whole procedure is that I have become inurred to eyedrops: they bother me, but not nearly as much as before. Amazing what some exposure will do for a person. Yet the trick of self-medicating with eyedrops remains a mystery to me, much like putting in contacts. Also it feels like my eyes defensively water out the vast majority of whatever we drop into them, and I wonder if this tiny half-bottle of drops will actually last for nearly 84 dosings? Just use it until it runs out, I suppose, and hope for the best, where the best equals dead bacteria rather than ciprofloxacin-resistant bacteria.

This post perfectly represents the case where the blogger only has one boring thing to say that she spent the last three days thinking about, and she says it instead of keeping quiet. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “More Gross Eye Stuff

  1. After taking eye drops for at least a year now for my glaucoma, I know the secrets; head back, pull down lower lid, put the drop(s) in there then pinch the tear ducts shut to hold the medication in the eye. I do it for two full minutes. Man, can I time two minutes without looking at the clock now! Glad it feels better.

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