Day’s Verse:
He who gives an answer before he hears,
It is folly and shame to him.

Proverbs 18:13

Yantra offered me $46,100 a year. I have to make a decision by next Wednesday. Despite all my other work, I cannot focus on anything but whether I should take this job or not. I have thought out the pros and cons, and they seem to suggest I would benefit from taking the job, in terms of experience and so forth. But then, I would put 70 miles a day on the car, and on myself, and how can I know how I will tolerate that commute? And the work itself: I cannot know if it will appeal to me or not until I start, but I suspect I would find it interesting enough.

I remember Ian telling me back when he got his Raytheon job offer, “Just tell me what to do.” Now his plea makes so much more sense. A thousand things chase themselves around in my head: What about the National Grid possibility? What about Jim Cahill at RSA Security? What about other unknown possibilities, opportunities perhaps closer to my heart? Is it hasty to take the first job offer? When will I have free time, if I drive an hour to work each way? How will the commute affect my marriage? What will working 50 weeks out of every 52 feel like? Will I crack under constant work, seeing my family for a week every year, all the other adult responsibilities?

I have asked for an extra week or two to decide, but my liason at Yantra sounded very doubtful. They did not want to delay offering the position to somebody else if I turn them down. Although hoping for a reprieve, I expect none; and I will have to decide with too little information. I wish so many things…

5 thoughts on “My Quandry

  1. “and I will have to decide with too little information”

    Welcome to HUMANITY! That’s the story of human existence — too little information and too little time. Ah well.

    I still think you’re being too hasty taking the first job offered, but consider this: you’re not *indenturing* yourself. If you take it, and decide a week or a month later the commute is too horrible, you can quit. People do it all the time. At least then you’ll KNOW it wasn’t worth the cost.

    Either way, you’ll do fine. Just go out there and stumble through it like the rest of us.


    PS Another 2 weeks won’t help you decide on THIS job. It will only help if you get another offer in that time. That’s why the Yantra person doesn’t want to give you the extra time.

  2. you know they say puppies eat thier poo because they dont get enough nitrites or nitrates or something, but then older dogs dont use as much, so they dont eat poo.

  3. That’s funny, because our dog is at least 5 and she still enjoys a poopy snack so often we don’t need to poop-scoop the back yard.

  4. I think Gary is right and I always say, “when in doubt, don’t.” And you sound pretty doubtful.

  5. Hi, If you do take the job my advice is plan on another car,used maybe,so th miles go on it and you can have the new one if Ian needs a car which I am sure he will from time to time. And what if you are late getting home,he would have to wait or can he walk home.

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