Day’s Verse:
Many plans are in a man’s heart,
But the counsel of the Lord will stand.

Proverbs 19:21

HeadshotI’ve gotten to spin my wheels a lot lately, a wonderful break from my first months. Before I drove all of two miles, but in the last week I’ve added another 90 miles on to that count, and it’s all quite exciting. At first when the Master drove me home, we only went a parking lot where he left and came back with lots of smelly food stuff. I saw lots of other cars, but I never knew the world contained so many old ones! My whole life I have spent with peers, but now I realize that there are hundreds of elderly cars still limping around whose owners ought to just let them go. Poor old things.

I’m seeing the world at last: Friday I drove to Fitchburg, and waited in a parking lot for a while with the Master. He read a book in the driver’s seat, and I felt happy to know I had loving owners. The Mistress and I went to WPI where another woman I don’t know got in, and then we all went to the Worcester Bus Terminal. We parked next to a sad, dead Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, and I thought the poor thing had had it. And I thought maybe the owner had just abandoned it here to die, and I felt even worse. Then a guy with a box came and, stuck wires under the Cutlass’s hood, and it came back to life! The woman got into the Cutlass, so I knew nobody had abandoned it after all. We followed the woman and Cutlass around Worcester for a while; the woman parked the Cutlass, got back in my passenger seat, and we went back to WPI again. It was a very exciting day, as I’d never driven so far before.

Then, Saturday, I drove even more! We drove to Marlborough (is that the same place as Marlboro? The road signs all said Marlboro, but the city signs said Marlborough), and I waited for a few minutes while the Master and Mistress spent some time in a building. They came out and we drove to Solomon Pond Mall, where I waited in a parking spot next to trees for almost three hours. I thought they had abandoned me despite their nice talk, but just when I had given up I sensed my keys nearby. They wandered around for a long time, but eventually returned to me. My heart leapt when they settled into their seats: they hadn’t abandoned me! They still love me. We drove back to Marlborough, but they just sat in my seats for a while, and eventually we drove to Worcester again. The Mistress got very still and quiet, so I thought she might need a magic box to put wires under her hood, but she came back alive of her own accord.

We parked in my usual parking lot, and I thought we had finished for the day. But then, after dark, the Mistress came out with another woman I don’t know (not the Cutlass driver). They got in and drove me all the way to Paxton and up Route 56, just talking. We turned around on a bumpy, unpaved road, following the same route back. I guess they just wanted to talk, although the woman said some very nice things about my interior and the Mistress showed off, once again, the keyless entry/lock features that I’m so proud of.

Maybe today I’ll get to go somewhere new. Not that stinky Price Chopper, though. Yech.

2 thoughts on “New Perspective: Part 1

  1. Katie,This writting just made me laugh and smile. You are so clever,at first i did not realize you were writting from the cars point of view. It is wonderful.. Love you both.GMIL

  2. You should write a children’s book along this vein–from the point of view of everyday objects!

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