Day’s Verse:
Like a city that is broken into and without walls
Is a man who has no control over his spirit.

Proverbs 25:28

Ultimate Catch

If seagulls fly over the sea, what flies over bays?

I admit, it fits better as a spoken joke, but how often do I speak to most of you, honestly? Heck, I’ve never spoken to some of you, and for all I know I don’t even know some of you. But also in all honesty, I realize that the majority of my readership (if such a grand term could apply to my attempts here) comes from Kirkland, WA and Bellevue, WA, followed by the Worcester, MA. That’s OK; maybe some of my friends will keep reading after we graduate, and that’ll be a way we keep in touch.

Yesterday I spent 50% of my productive time writing a philosophy paper. The other 50% of the time went to the CBF BBQ. This mainly involved hanging out with a couple dozen CBF friends at a Rob Weir’s amazing house (a pony, a separate four-car garage, at least an acre of land), watching guys play Ultimate Frisbee, and absorbing the smoke from a small fire. Ian and I had to leave early because I had a meeting at 7:00, and that made me very sad. We will probably never gather that group of people together again. This ten-day stretch has been full of those types of experiences, the kind that make you sigh, shake yourself, and move on.

Moving on in this case means memorizing my part for the philosophy presentation, editing my philosophy paper, studying for my surveying exam, and finishing my tech writing work. I think the surveying will take the most time now, mainly because I have no desire whatsoever to study for it. I found it interesting for a while, but now it’s become tedious and excessively boring. Even so, I will go to Monday’s review session, study for the exam, get my B, and graduate. Moving on…

2 thoughts on “Have I Told This Joke Before?

  1. there is an place in brooklyn called sheepshead bay, and since everyone in new jersey is really just a displaced new yorker, there is a bagel shop near my house called sheepshead bagels.

    incidently, i really miss new york bagels, why is massachusetts so crappy at making them? and pizza? and what is up with those hot dog buns?

  2. Incidentally, I’ll be around for graduation. If you or Ian have an extra ticket lying around with no one to give it to, keep me in mind 🙂

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