Day’s Verse:
Like a bird that wanders from her nest,
So is a man who wanders from his home.

Proverbs 27:8

Ultimate ThrowI took the Surveying final exam this morning, and just now found out I got a 91% on it. That is about on-par with my work in that class; I expect to get a very solid B. Then at 1:00 I delivered my 2.5 minutes of talking to my Philosphy class, and with that finished the academic part of my undergraduate education.

Fortunately, emotions take a while to catch up to events, so the seriousnes of all ths hasn’t yet sunk in. I can feel it percolating through, and I expect tonight or tomorrow to burst suddenly into tears for no apparent reason. Until then, I will bake cookies and maybe sort school papers, clean the apartment a bit, or do some of the writing I promised John Trimbur I’d do for the Professional Writing newsletter.

Instant lethargy! – I just realized I can’t stand people who are lazy because I’m afraid of that side of myself. That laziness lurks inside me and comes out often enough to frighten me. Then when I see other people consumed by it, I remember how easily it wraps its cozy, warm tendrils around me and I want to run away again. So maybe I will clean the apartment first.

To add to the confusion, I have several job leads:

Computer Associates – technical writing summer internship
Meditech – application specialist
Charles River Laboratories – technical writer (interview on Wednesday)
American Power Conversion – some professional development program
RSA Security – technical writing (had positive phone interview, told to call back closer to availability date)

Although I find it flattering to have these people interested in me, I still want to pursue some environmental nonprofit job if possible. I think life may just get more confusing and difficult until I find employment.

4 thoughts on “Not With a Bang

  1. Forget chemistry. You could become a therapist and reflect peoples’ fears back at them so they could reach deeper self-realizations. Or something.

  2. Sooo… what exactly is an “application specialist?” I’m very proficient with MS Paint. Does that make me an application specialist?

  3. Do you remember – not that long ago – when you were concerned that no one would ever want to hire you? Hmmm. Seems you have quite a different “problem.” May God pour His peace into your heart as you wait through this time. Love you!

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