Day’s Verse:
Sorrow is better than laughter,
For when a face is sad a heart may be happy.

Ecclesiastes 7:3

Contact PointI wanted to write about things that have happened in my life lately, but at home things seem to happen at a more leisurely pace. Yesterday Colleen, Ian, and I didn’t put regular clothes on until 5:00 in the evening — and that only because Dad got home.

I also felt good about the evening Ian and I spent with Ben and Lisa, hanging out at their place. I did not feel good about King Kong, which Ian and I watched yesterday (along with Memoirs of a Geisha). I recommend poking your eyes out with your fingers if somebody tries to force you to see KK; at three hours long, it easily spans twice the length it ought to and features at least half a dozen outrageously stupid scenes. When I say outrageous, think enormous crickets and iguanas, random minority cast members’ deaths, vaudeville for a 25-foot-tall gorilla, and the world’s strongest vines. We turned it into a MST3K opportunity and enjoyed ourselves, but still wished it only lasted 90 minutes.

A couple days ago Dad and I went for a walk on the Burke-Gilman trail right around sunset. We took our cameras, so of course the walk turned into a photo shoot and we didn’t cover much distance. You can see the results of my efforts here. Dad and I also went running on Monday and yesterday, and although my legs hurt I feel good about getting back into moving around. Dad is one of those people you never feel bad about running slowly with, so I just struggle through at my pace, listen to his kind, distracting patter, and think about how the dog can cover these distances better than I can.

Other things that we have done lately:

  • Last night we ate out at Noppakao, a Thai restaurant near our house. Mom and I split Phad Thai with tofu and barely made a dent in the enormous noodles.
  • Ian and I bought knives and have since freaked our families out by flicking the blades open in an unintentionally threatening manner.
  • I read The First Book of Swords and started House of Sand and Fog as well as Blood of the Fold. I like eclectic books, but Blood of the Fold feels a little trite to me even only 100 or so pages in.
  • Ian and I met Aaron, Ian’s sister’s fiancee. I went into this meeting feeling rather suspicious because he and Caitlyn decided to get married a month after they met each other, and I still don’t see what the big hurry is. However, throughout the evening I didn’t get a very strong impression of him; Aaron struck me as eccentric, dressed in an overly self-conscious way (zip-up cowboy boots?), nice and friendly enough, fashionable in the way Caitlyn is fashionable, and that’s really it. I think that we could like each other given enough time… I just realized that once he and Caitlyn get married in September, we’ll have the rest of our lives. So I sure hope we get along.
  • Ian and I saw his grandparents’ new house, situated a ten-minute walk from mine. I also brought Jane (his grandma, and really the person I think of as the most grandma-ish in my life too) a spinach salad with lots of yummy toppings after rescuing my jacket from an outerwear misunderstanding.

I could keep listing things, but this has already turned into another of those endless What I Did Today posts. So this ends it.

2 thoughts on “What I Did This Summer

  1. You’ve got “eccentric” right. But you didn’t really hang around with Aaron very much that night. I know you two could have some really interesting conversations–he, like you, has strong opinions on a lot of topics. He’s a very caring person so there’s no reason you won’t get along in times to come.

  2. i am checking your blog because my iqp is due tommorrow (although not really because he hasnt even read those changes i made on the cape and is going to try and get ANOTHER extension even though the registrar lady told him i had to register for eterm. no way am i registering for eterm.)

    are you sure he dresses in an overly self conscious fashion, because a good majority of the people you associate with dress for function or work on the principle of “it smelled clean when i picked it off the floor” so perhaps it is just relative.

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