Day’s Verse:
Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name.
Make known His deeds among the people;
Make them remember that His name is exalted.
Praise the Lord in song, for He has done excellent things;
Let this be known throughout the earth.

Isaiah 12:4-5

Lonesome LakeFirst lame milestone: I ran out of mailbox space at work today. Less than a month here, and I get a message telling me I cannot send an email until I have cleaned up my messy room.

Another lame milestone: The puddle outside our doorway, caused by an apparently leaky freezer at right angles to the door, has reached a new and excessive width and gooeyness. It does indeed feel like walking through a small puddle now. [Update] Turns out water is leaking from the roof of the fridge, so goodness only knows what it is we have been walking through, or where it comes from.

A second-to-last lame milestone: I have come up with a new idiom along the lines of the whole “Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick” thing. My idiom is:

Better than a day spent reading SOPs.

Because everything is better than that.

Final lame milestone: The weather remains unbreakably hot and humid, so that sleeping becomes an exercise in sweating. Fortunately, the Prius seems to thrive on this weather and we achieved a new high gas mileage: 51 mpg for our last tank, with an average of 47.5 mpg in the 4,000 miles we have driven so far.

Excuse me while I go sweat.

[Update:] Per Lesley’s comment about heart-crushing, etc. I’d like it to go on the record that as time goes by I’m actually enjoying myself pretty well. This post happened to be a bit whiney, and I apologize if the general tone of my blog has become more negative overall, because actually I’ve felt very happy and perky. I’m getting the hang of processes at work, people seem to start knowing who I am, I’ve started receiving small amounts of important work (send this report out or everybody will DIE, that kind of thing) and I’m getting adept enough I don’t need too many instructons. Plus I get to read or doze for an hour every day on my commute, we have a pool to swim in at our apartment complex, and I get to puddle-jump every time I leave the room! And there’s free cake tomorrow. So like I said, even while I’m sweating (I can’t justify the CFCs, Deborah; we just drink a ton of ice water) I feel joyful. Consider it pure joy.

8 thoughts on “Lame Milestones

  1. It is OK to use your air conditioner some, especially since it’s probably off all day while you two are working.

  2. Umm, I realize that with working and all you have less time to devote to your blog, but I miss the cool pictures we’ve seen in the past.


  3. Here’s the trick with the pictures: In the mornings especially I see lots of great photo opportunities. Unfortunately, I can’t bring a camera with me because we’re not allowed to have cameras at work (and a result of taking the train is I have no place to leave something valuable like that). So I haven’t been taking much in the way of pictures lately, but when I do I’ll be sure they make it up here.

  4. I’m finding my job increasingly heart-crushing as well. How do people survive corporate life? I sit here at my desk and with every day that I endure it I feel more and more of a pull to the creative. Kind of like I’m sinking into a quicksand pit of monotony and pointlessness…I get the impression you feel that way too. : (

  5. Puddles?!?! I love puddles!!

    . . . I saw that everyone else had sort of meaningful snide remarks so I decided to throw my two cents in.

  6. I just read something about new A/C equipment not producing CFC’s. Is it possible yours doesn’t since it’s a new complex?

  7. Ian mentioned something about this, where they replaced the chlorine in CFCs with hydrogen (or something like that) so it didn’t have the same ozone-destroying effect. I don’t know whether our complex’s A/C is that kind or the old kind, but in general I think since we get by without the A/C it’s better — we also save energy, which is becoming an increasingly scarse and valuable resource. Because Ian and I get all wind/hydro power, we pay more for electricity than most people and although it’s “non”-polluting we have no desire to use lots of expensive power.

    We do have a ceiling fan that we keep going all the time, plus the vents for heat or A/C also can be used as just a fan so we do that as well.

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