Day’s Verse:
Do not urge me to leave you or turn back from following you; for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God.
Ruth 1:16-17

Sprinkler ShadowsWould you send your child to daycare? Would you send your child to daycare sick? How sick is too sick; or, alternatively, how important must something at work be to compel you to send your ill child off to strangers?

These are not, as you might have guessed, idle questions. One of my co-workers sent her young son to daycare pumped full of Motrin, after spending yesterday at home with him (she got no work done at home that day). Another co-worker talking to her mentioned that she knowingly sent her sick child to school with instructions to dope him up with Tylenol every few hours. Somehow the thought of that horrified me, that work could take priority like that, not to mention the idea of exposing other healthy children to icky diseases unnecessarily.

Am I unrealistic? Is it reasonable to do that? Or have I seen some small part of living to work rather than the reverse?

2 thoughts on “Pass the Fever Along

  1. the kid probably got sick from going to daycare. its their first exposure to germs other than the germs in their own house.

    also, i would totally send my kids to daycare. if it were just me and my kids every day for five years with no other stimulus for me but the conversation of preschoolers and endless amounts of watching baby einstein, then megan was right and i probably would drown them. even if it was like 2 days a week, and i had a part time job.

  2. I hope nora will feel differently when she has children. There are great ways to give you and your children a break and other stimuli without going to work and letting other people spend more time with them than their parents do. Yes, it’s very hard to be a mom because it’s the ultimate servant job. But don’t have children if you don’t want to give yourself wholeheartedly to raising them. Sorry, but I feel pretty strongly about this.

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