Day’s Verse:
The sins of some men are quite evident, going before them to judgment; for others, their sins follow after.
1 Timothy 5:24

View from Bear MountainWhat an audacious bird, to poop on our car!

[In time with gasping breaths] Praise-God-from-whom-all-bless-ings-flow… Even this hill…

I wonder if anybody has emailed me lately?

This fried chicken sure is interesting, and the gravy is amazingly creamy. I wonder if the skinnier servers eat here, or if they have to avoid this heavy Southern-type food to stay svelte? I can hardly imagine wanting this more than once a year! And their cornbread lacks real corn.

If all managers are senior people in a company, what do fresh-minted management majors do?

If I was a mosquito, I would only bit the backs of peoples’ knees, like the six that got my right leg. People would never be able to see me, and it’s an impossible place to swat.

I should blog that. I hope I remember.

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