Day’s Verse:
But godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment.

…pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance, and gentleness. Fight the good fight of faith; and take hold of the eternal life to which you were called.
1 Timothy 6:6, 11-12

Today has proved rather frustrating, as Mondays go. Do you ever have a day when you have to make choices that later turn out to be the exact opposite of what you should have done? This has happened to me twice, and it leaves me gun-shy and miffed. Those times are:

  • The weather said 100% chance of rain and high likelihood of thunderstorms, plus 55° temperatures this morning, so I decided to forgo riding my bike — rain and cold I can handle, but lightning concerns me. Additionally, a co-worker had planned to drive me home today so she could pick up our spare TV. So not riding seemed like such a good choice… Until it didn’t rain at all (the ground is even dry), and I could handle cooler weather as long as I’m dry. Overcast never hurt anybody.
  • Then, because my co-worker would provide me with a ride home, I bought a one-way ticket on the train. Usually I like to buy a roundtrip ticket to make the afternoon conductor’s life easier; plus, the morning conductor is much more gregarious and fun to talk to. But now my co-worker decided she was too tired and busy to pick up the TV today, so I doubly should have ridden my bike and now I have to buy a ticket home, too. At least I think I have exact change.

The non-biking decision really throws my riding week for a loop. I try hard to ride both ways Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but starting today with nada sure makes it tough to do that. If I ride both ways two days in a row my legs tend to feel totally exhausted, but I may try to push it and do so on Tuesday/Wednesday.

On the bright side, I had a very restful weekend of going to bed no later than 10:30, and on Monday at 9:45 or something outrageously early. We slept a lot, I started learning how to play Super Smash Brothers, we went to a theology discussion group on Saturday evening that went stupendously well, and Sunday we relaxed in one another’s company. Despite today’s frustrations, I keep having this back-of-my-mind feeling that something really great just happened, and as a result my frustration over my wrong choices remains more or less subsumed by that good feeling.

Now, I need a bit of advice. The setup: I have repeatedly talked to my boss about getting an LCD screen, but the fact that my CRT takes up 30% of my desk space rates rather low on her priority list. I have to go through her to request an LCD from IT. On the other hand, I have seen two or three LCD monitors sitting at abandoned desks, and I know I could easily switch my clunker with a more svelte model. The conundrum: Should I just switch the monitors — it would be so easy! — or should I continue to ask/email my boss about getting an LCD replacement for my dinosaur?

5 thoughts on “Breaking the Long Silence

  1. What would happen if you contacted IT directly and asked them to switch your monitor with one of the unused LCD’s? Since its a swap rather than a new purchase you might not need a manager’s approval.

  2. I have been waking up recently with unually good feelings about life myself. It has been awsome. I think it has something to do with the weather cooling down and it being overcast. I have just enjoyed breathing so much the past few days!

  3. my advise for what it is worth,never go over the bosses head,as Ian said,at least get approval from someone in charge. GMIL

  4. Grab the LCD. If your boss notices, she’ll either tell you to put it back, but knowing exactly why you did it and adjusted her priorities on it even higher knowing what you’ll resort to….or more likely, she’ll stay silent and see that as a good solution to both of your problems. These are abandoned desks, abandoned LCDs. Switcharoo.

  5. I think it would be better to ask your boss to let you do the switch. Maybe it’s no big deal, but maybe those monitors are already spoken for by someone who would resent you infringing their turf. And it would show respect for your boss’ position in the org. It’s almost a given that your boss doesn’t want to spend the money to give you an LCD monitor (sorry) but the no cost way of just switching with an idle monitor might be perfectly acceptable, even if she doesn’t exactly quite own those monitors.


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