Day’s Verse:
And immediately an angel of the Lord struck him because he did not give God the glory, and he was eaten by worms and died.
Acts 12:23 (context)

In the Cleveland airport we saw a monk. At least, we saw a guy in sandals, a rough brown robe tied with a rope that dangled down and had beads on it, a crucifix, and a red skull cap perched on his shaved head. This made me think: The Flying Monk. It sounds like a young adult novel, or maybe a London pub.

When I grew into early teenagehood and began to experience all the zits and priviliges that come therewith, my mother promised I would outgrow them. I would like to know, 10 years later, when does one outgrow such blemishes? But I already know the answer, and would have long ago if I had been a savvier teenager: Looking at my parents, I will never outgrow them. So now I tell myself I will have “youthful-looking” skin at age 50.

Looking at the tiled walls in the bathroom at work I realized that they had chosen off-urine color, although I shied away from thinking of what the white specks might be in my analogy. Then I realized the floor color omitted the “off.” This raises a question: Did they pick this color intentionally, or were those tiles especially cheap? My family ended up with dog-poop colored carpet throughout my childhood because of its overwhelmingly low cost; turned out useful, when we got a dog.

7 thoughts on “400 Miles by the Odometer

  1. This was an intense read for so few words. As far as skin stuff goes, I’ve seen a dermatologist in Worcester and one in Boston. A simple prescription, maybe two, can do a lot over a period of months. It took a frustratingly long time to really get going but once you hit the good place you just stay there. Don’t feel any compulsion to discuss any details here. But don’t write yourself off.

  2. I was JUST thinking about the skin thing the other day. I was like ok, I’m 22 now…I was told when I was like 12 that I’d grow out of it…still waiting for that to happen.

    I, too, fear that I will never outgrow it. I’ve been on so many creams and antibiotics and scrubs and whatnot, and sometimes I think I just may as well not bother because of the damage already done. Proactiv seems to do a pretty good job when used consistently, I just have trouble being consistent.

    About the bathroom, our work bathroom is gross too! I think it’s the dim fluorescent light, and this ungodly pink color of the stalls. It’s like pink, but kinda brownish…

    Your dog poop carpet comment was funny. We used to have burnt orange carpet in the bathrooms….the bathrooms! The only place in our house that had wall to wall and it was a bathroom, go figure.

    Ok enough with my extremely long comment!

  3. Lesley: At least your feet wouldn’t freeze when you went to the bathroom! 🙂

    Eric: I’ve been on creams and antibiotics before, to little effect. One issue is that since I’m on birth control, I can’t also be on antibiotics — the antibiotics reduce my birth control’s effectiveness, and we definitely don’t want that. I’d rather have zits than kids!

  4. It was seriously like 4 months before I started seeing any effect, but the effect has remained strong and steady ever since. And this isn’t involving antibiotics. If it’s prescription level (over the counter stuff does nothing) and you’re willing to be consistent over months, I feel confident you’d find some solace.

  5. Maybe so; like I said, I was on some stuff for probably two years, maybe more, during high school. That did some good, as you’ve noticed, but since I stopped that prescription I haven’t thought of dealing with the issue any more. I do have to make a Dr’s appt. some time soon, so maybe I’ll talk to her about it along with everything else.

  6. OK, enough with the acne medication talk. Katie has been there, done that, and is perfectly capable of deciding whether she wants to try it again or not.

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