Day’s Verse:
What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?
Matthew 15:26

Peeking DeerWhat color should shampoo NEVER be? I have used yellow, green, blue, purple, and brown, which makes you wonder if any color is excluded from the panoply of shampoo colors.

Similarly, what color should a beverage never be? Before you say “urine,” think of Gatorade and some colors of tea. Pause before saying “blood,” and consider tomato juice. Coffee covers all ranges of brown, from sludgy on up; most pops exhibit no compunctions regarding coloring, claiming everything from clear to neon green, not excluding unnatural shades of blues, purples, browns, and oranges. Perhaps pink, which, claimed by Pepto-Bismol, successfully reminds us only of vomiting?

Should I cut my zoo cookies with a large cookie cutter or a small one? The large means each cookie leaves you feeling deliciously satsified and well-treated; the high cookie-per-cookie means few but deliriously happy cookie-munching days. Small cookies means the batch could produce perhaps twice or three times as many as if I cut them large, but at the same time the eater would probably grab two, or maybe even three, to make up for their small size; the low cookie-per-cookie ratio stretches dough and possibly cookie-munching days.

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